Brand new, lightweight version of 1,40” standard ball.

Brand new, lightweight version of 1,40” standard ball.


We are proud to announce that we have developed a brand new, lightweight version of our 1,40” standard ball.

This is yet another pro-ecological action at KAJ gives us an opportunity to reduce amount of material which is currently presented on the market and behind it will reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

Implementing this new version as our new standard is a huge step towards more reliable sustainability,which we, along with our partners always considered as a something more, than just another target to be marked off from our to-do list.

Our conscious choice to make this improvement was first with most popular size of the ball, which is used also with a variety of fitments F002 F003, in order to maximise positive impact of this change.

Brand new, lightweight version of 1,40” standard ball.

However, we must to admit, that the range of balls we hold is much more than this. Each ball has a special designed fitment to be paired with…so this is not the last word on that matter.

What’s also crucial — dimensions and surface of ball remains the same, therefore the change does not affect the compatibility of the roll on.

That enables all users of our cosmetic packaging to switch easily to the newer, lighter and more eco-friendly version.

Combined with growing range of lightweight bottles and caps, this brings an exquisite opportunity to make together something valuable for our planet.

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