Sun is right out there!

Sun is right out there!


Sun is right out there!

Summer now is in full swing, and many people is heading to the beaches, or elsewhere wherever they might catch some long-missed sunrays. Need to be mindful though and enjoy the weather responsibly. If you want to bring back from the holiday only great memories and colorful photos, not a sunburns, better carry around some suncare products with you all the time.

And what a great way now to have them always at hand- suncare in roll-on!

Check it out by yourself- safer for the inside of your bag  than flip-top lotions while you’re on the move, convenient capacities available, clean for hands and so much easier and quicker for application, especially on wriggling child, anxious to start to play at last ?

At KAJ we are providing roll-on’s for suncare products for UK market and elsewhere since over 2 years, so let us know if you need any assistance.

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