KAJ goes green!

KAJ goes green!


Sugar cane in our packaging

After successful series of trials we can confirm that we are able to add 20% of the sugar cane derived material into most of our bottles and closures, and we can even make some of them in 100% out of this material.

We are very happy with that fact,  because Braskem’s „I’m green polyethylene” ®, manufactured with ethanol obtained from sugar cane, leaves much smaller carbon footprint compared with traditionally produced material. That is because sugar cane, when growing, absorbs naturally CO2 from the atmosphere. Producing one ton of PE in such way reduces as much as over 2 tones of CO2!

Material received in that manner is identical with fossil fuel derived resin, items produced out of it present the same characteristics and, moreover, there are the same recycling channels available.

Also, you do not need to worry about rainforests…sugar cane plantations are over 2500km away from them.

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