ISO 14001

ISO 14001


We are proud to announce that we successfully completed the ISO 14001 audit.
This certification is further proof of our attention to the environment and the sustainability of our production process.

These qualities are among our main priorities since the inception. Every business decision we make and product we introduce is a step to green change. Through constant thorough research, we manage to surprise our customers every year by offering them brand new solutions, such as r-PET packaging, or the LIGHT Roll-on series with reduced plastic. Expanding the company, we bet on new technologies like solar panels.

KAJ’s constant development and pursuit of perfection is embedded in its pedigree.
At the same time we want to thank and congratulate all our employees, without whom it would be impossible to achieve this goal.

Our company develops thanks to people, their conscientious work, commitment and attention to detail can be seen in every product that reaches our customers. Their willingness to learn and improve their skills is the driving force behind the company’s development. We can emphatically say that we have the best team in the world!

Thank you!

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