We are part of the reCycle

We are part of the reCycle


Plastic plays a huge part in our consumer life and can be found almost everywhere. Invention of it was truly a revolutionary moment – a polymer that can be used in food packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries or even clothing! Considering this large amount of production, its most important feature is a process that came to be one of the most significance lately – recycling.

Production of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) in 2020 reached over 73 milion metric tons which, when compared to 2014 (41 milion metric tons) gives us almost double increase. It is estimated that about half of it is still in use while the other half is waste, of which no more than a quarter is being recycled. Aware of this number and being part of it, we at KAJ are taking actions and long-term strategies towards running a responsible business.

We are part of the reCycle and life of the plastic so that is why we introduced to our offer bottles made entirely of post-consumer material rPET.

We are part of the reCycle

rPET or PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) is a polyester recycled from plastic waste like water bottles and so on. By reprocessing it, we are able to reduce its presence in the environment (dumps, oceans etc.) but also the amount of the energy used in the production and CO2 emission.

Learn how you can become a part of the reCycle too in THIS animation prepared by NAPCOR (National Association of PET Container Resources)!

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