Soothing after bite relief

Soothing after bite relief


What a great pleasure to have a time out in the fresh air together with family or friends during long summer evenings ? Unfortunately that lovely moments of relax after hot day can be so easily ruined by such a small beings as mosquitos… If you want to avoid being forced by them to hid inside, think about some good repellent, and in case you forgot it or got bitten nevertheless, it’s good to have some remedy for insect bites.

KAJ presents great packaging for both of those substances, either repellent or after-bite treatment. Our roll-on’s will give you several options of different capacities and shapes, all proved solutions, small and suitable for holiday luggage. Also, our family of pencil roll-on’s give extra option of small metal ball bringing to you great, cooling effect, even if not kept in the fridge- very helpful when need to sooth itchy bites.

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