Premiere Week in KAJ

Premiere Week in KAJ


There is always KAJ hidden in a word KAIZEN, which stands for constant and continual improvement. From the very beginning of KAJ, development on every step was a heart of actions. Not only we are working to improve our current products but also to develop new ones – something that your brand could be proud of as much as we are. And so here we are:

This week we will be showing you new line of our products, completely new family of bottles!

We all know about how important is the aspect of ecology in the plastic industry. To cope with it, we introduced bottles and caps made of sugar cane HDPE or we made our bottles light-weighted. But there is still one material that waited to be used for our roll-on bottles – the one that is easily recyclable, light and beautiful at the same time. Yes, we are talking about the PET and rPET material and our new Star of the Week:

Premiere Week in KAJ

SB02 100% PET and rPET roll-on bottle

There is much we can tell you about this bottle and how excited we are but first of all we need to announce that our SB02 bottle is


Make sure to check on us every day this week as this news will be expanded to present more upcoming releases, detailed informations and pictures of the new PET family!

Our Premiere Week continues!

Without a doubt, SB02 bottle is unique. The first in the world PET and rPET roll-on bottle is excellent not only due to his great look but also to the new possibilities it creates. Transparency that cannot be achieved in other types of plastic gives new space for labeling and presents the content in a completely new way in the world of roll-on’s.

To emphasize how great is this bottle, we would like to add something more to it, add a “premium” keyword to its label. And we’ve done it. See for yourself!

Premiere Week in KAJ

If you were looking to make your brand looks exclusive and add a little bit more elegance to your products, this amber-coloured bottle answers both of this needs. Deep, rich colour keeps the material transparency and glossy finish that would make your brand stands out on the shelves! Black cap with a golden label will blend easily with the darker tone of the bottle, white ball on the other hand will make a great contrast point in the whole composition.

How will your brand look with SB02 bottle?

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