Our steps for a better future

Our steps for a better future


KAJ plays in green!

You will have heard this if you already follow us on social media – we like to be ECO!

But what does it mean exactly? To answer that, let start from the beginning.

KAJ is a plastic packaging manufacturer, as w  said previously HERE, and we are aware about the importance of the ecology and accept that it is also our responsibility. We are constantly working to make a positive impact  in the environment and through continuous improvements to reduce any negative effects. As a result, we have achieved ISO certifications and also a silver medal awarded by EcoVadis!

Of great importance to us is to show our global ecosystem awareness not only by actions but also in our products and materials they are made from. Our NPD has been extended by the bottles now made from 100% of PCR plastic, and also more and more of our products are manufactured from Bio HDPE Sugar Cane derived plastic. Sweet, isn’t it?

In case of its properties, Sugar Cane derived plastic is almost indistinguishable from the petrol derived. Right now, polyethylene has the biggest share in the plastic materials market (compared to other types, like PP, PET or PLA). By using a renewable resource such as Sugar Cane instead of non-renewable, carbon based materials, production of S/C Bio HDPE greatly reduces CO2 emission and results in a 100% recyclable material. Every kilogram of this type of plastic that is in use actually consumes less than 2 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere! It is possible thanks to the Sugar Cane plantations which uses CO2 in the natural photosynthesis processes to grow!

Our steps for a better future

Use of Sugar Cane derived plastic also makes bottles even better! Compared to bottles made from polypropylene, Bio HDPE products have greater mechanical resistance, pure white colour and matt surface finish.

We are pleased to announce our SB02, made entirely from post – consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, called rPET.

– rPET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, and is derived from a polyester during recycling processes,

– Its re-processing greatly reduces plastic amount at garbage dumps…

– …and it can be re-processed up to eight times!

– Manufacturing from the re-processed material reduces demands from the conventionally produced polyester which results in lowering of carbon dioxide emission even by 75%

– This food grade material is now also used extensively for soft drink packaging.

Our steps for a better future

Just like the Bio HDPE products, those made of from rPET materials also show properties which are giving them a number of advantages! First of all is transparency – a feature that is very hard or impossible to achieve in case of most other plastic materials. Secondly is surface finish, where rPET has a very high gloss, and thirdly it shares the same greater resistance to mechanical damage as Sugar Cane based materials.

Manufacturing from PCR materials at KAJ allows for a very high precision of the details in the project, thanks to its stability of dimensions during the production processes.

Finally, rPET bottles differ from products made from other types of plastic as they are easily recognizable and that makes post-consumer segregation very easy, keeping them in the cycle of re-processing.

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